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Looking for a green gift that’s useful, unique, and good for the planet? Look no further! We’ve put together a handy list of some of the coolest eco-friendly products this year. Even better, all of the products below are discounted for Arcadia customers. Happy holidays from everyone here at Arcadia!

1. Belkin’s Wemo Insight Switch


With the power of Wi-Fi, the Wemo Insight Switch allows you to control your lights and appliances from anywhere. Turn your space heater off, get notified when your laundry cycle ends, and set TV limits for your kids all through the free Wemo app. Best of all? The Wemo app tracks your energy spending and can help you identify the power hogs in your house. Convenience, peace of mind, and savings? Sounds like a great stocking stuffer to us!

Arcadia customers can order this product here for 10% off with promo code.

2. Skydrop’s Watering Controller


Skydrop’s Watering Controller is another gizmo that makes your life easier while saving you money. With just a quick installation, you’ll be able to monitor and control your sprinkler system from anywhere. Skydrop uses neighborhood-specific weather data to water your lawn when it needs it, and save water when it doesn’t. No more guess work and no more brown patches.

Arcadia customers can purchase this product here for 20% off with promo code.

3. DwellSmart’s Dimmable LED Bulbs


Have you been meaning to switch to LEDs for years? Still reaching for those old, familiar incandescents? It’s time to take the plunge. Dwellsmart’s LED bulbs use 85% less energy and can last 20x as long! These LEDs provide comfortable diffused light and can even be dimmed. Give your loved one a gift that can be enjoyed for decades.

Arcadia customers can purchase LED bulbs and other energy-saving products here for 20% off with promo code.

4. Patagonia’s Insulated Torrentshell Jackets


We all know and love Patagonia, but did you know that Patagonia was the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to recycle plastics into fleece? Today, they keep soda bottles, manufacturing waste, and old garments out of landfills by turning them into polyester fibers. These stylish jackets, made of 70% recycled polyester, allow you to both enjoy the environment and protect it!

Arcadia customers can purchase these jackets and other full-priced items here for 20% off with promo code.

5. Winc’s Sustainably Sourced Wine


Ever wonder if your glass of wine was sourced sustainably? We didn’t either. But now that you think about it, wouldn’t that be nice? Winc uses a sustainable, grape-to-glass supply chain to bottle over 150 unique wines every year. Their gift boxes even ship in packaging that is 65% recycled and compostable. Perfect for holiday parties with your nature-loving friends.

Arcadia customers can purchase this gift set and other items here for $25 off with promo code.

6. LuminAID’s Packlight Nova Solar Lantern


The Packlight Nova is another perfect stocking stuffer. Small, unique, and useful, this pocket-sized solar lantern provides 24 hours of light on a single charge and its rechargeable battery can last over 10,000 lifetime hours. It even floats! Whether you keep it in your camping gear, your car, or your emergency kit, you’ll be glad you have it when the time comes.

Arcadia customers can purchase this lantern and other items here for 20% off with promo code.

7. Badger’s Green Thumb Gardener’s Gift Set


This adorable gift set includes a variety of products to keep your hands in the dirt! Badger is a small, family-owned business that only uses organic, all-natural ingredients. Their products meet rigorous standards for healthy agriculture, minimal processing, and sustainable supply chains. The set even comes gift-ready in a 100% recycled box!

Arcadia customers can purchase this product and other items here for 20% off with promo code.

8. Lux & Eco’s Organic Basil Bamboo Grow Pot


Is your loved one more interested in the kind of gardening that doesn’t require hand balm? Lux & Eco’s Organic Basil Bamboo Grow Pot makes the perfect gift for the foodie (or basic basil lover) in your life. The bamboo pot is durable and and handmade from all-natural materials, the lid does double duty as a drainage saucer, and the basil leaves are ready for use straight off the plant!

Arcadia customers can purchase this product and other items here for 25% off with promo code.

9. Home Chef’s Sustainable Food Box


Speaking of foodies, Home Chef’s weekly meal delivery service is the ultimate gift for your busy loved one. Chefs create easy-to-follow recipes, you choose the recipes you like, perfectly portioned ingredients are delivered straight to your door, and you cook amazing 30-minute meals! The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and the packaging is recyclable. Home Chef offers 13 new meal options every week and you have the flexibility to change your meal delivery day, adjust your number of meals, or even pause your account. Say goodbye to grocery store lines and meal planning!

Arcadia customers can sign up for Home Chef’s meal delivery service here for $30 off with promo code.

10. BirkSun’s Solar Backpacks


Now these are cool. Birksun’s line of solar backpacks allow you to hit the beach, climb a mountain, or enjoy a music festival without worrying about your phone dying. Using only the power of the sun, this backpack can charge your phone as fast as a wall outlet. The best part is, the backpack stores the power in a battery so you’ll be able to charge your phone even if it’s cloudy! The bags are waterproof, lightweight, and with so many to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that’s perfect for your loved one.

Arcadia customers can purchase solar backpacks here for $20 off with promo code.

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